My Development Setup

OK so Visual Studio 2012 has been been here for some time. Below is my current set up of VS 2012.


1) Git Source Control Provider for Visual Studio
Git is my personal source control of choice. I don’t have the luxury of using it at work and it just reminds me of what I miss at work. You can get it from here. Git Source Control Provider

2) Gister
You got love this one. Helps you make Gists straight from VS and even copies the Url to the clipboard. It is here Gister

3) NUnit Test Adapter
Nothing much to say about this. I do see a lot of people starting to look at xUnit. Keep an eye out for that one.

4) Workspace Reloader
Does exactly what the name says. Your workspace is as it is after you make source control updates.
Workspace Reloader

For now this is my limited tooling to support my day to day work. Only you put in so much as you need.

Outside of VS I have the following

  • Windows 8
  • SublimeText2 ( this is so neat I plan to have a dedicated post for this )
  • Github for windows
  • Sql server Express
  • Oracle Virtual Box
  • GitExtensions
  • TeamCity
  • LightTable ( just for fun )
  • Eclipse for Scala Devlopment
  • Usual army of browsers ( chrome, IE10, Firefox, Chrome Canary,etc..)
  • Code Writer for windows 8
  • Notesphere for windows 8 ( this is an underrated note taking application )
  • Tasks Application for Windows 8 by Telerik ( this one is a gem )
  • Dropbox
  • Skype
  • Skydrive
  • MarkDownPad

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