PowerCMD – Console Awesoness

Consoles are back in vogue for some strange reason. Everyone wants cholocatey and other power tools to run on the command line. With stuff like mongodb, node etc.. running on the command line we need our windows command prompt to keep up with the times. If you thought Console2 was awesome then read on to find about PowerCMD.

  • Step 1.
    Go download it from here Powercmd
  • Step 2.
    Always run it as admin. On Windows 8 you can do it as shown below in the screenshot:
    Assigning admin privelges to PowerCMD Administrator Privileges for PowerCMD

  • Step 3. Start assigning your favourite shells to PowerCMD. Go to Tools -> Customize then set it up as below ( I take mongodb as the example)
  • Step 4.
    Start all the shells ( if you want to ) and watch it come alive.
    Press Ctrl + Enter to go to full screen mode.
    You can choose from several ( Zoink there are many and all are useful in some case or the other )
    Full Screen and Layout Aesomeness Full Screen and Layout Aesomeness
  • Step 5.
    Ever missed having the Environment Variables alongside your CMD. Go to View -> Watch Environment Variables.
    EnvironmentVariables EnvironmentVariables

All of this is neat and awesome. But this will cost you money as well. If you think tab completion thrown in with the above features makes it worth it, you can think of buying it. It is awesome, I hope someone decides to fix to the Windows CMD from the ground up at Microsoft.


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