MongoDB…Ops Stuff

In the previous two posts we have seen some basic querying and how to leverage the querying mechanism to get up and running. Now, we are off in the wild world and we also need to some more complicated stuff.

Creating Indexes
The api surface is really smooth with this, allowing us to specify the sort order of the indexes and the manner of building them foreground or background.

 public void CreateIndex()
var QuestionConnectionHandler = new MongoConnectionHandler<Question>("MongoDBDemo");
                          IndexKeys.Ascending("Difficulty"), IndexOptions.SetBackground(true));

Dropping indexes is also easy with


What happens when you want to see what is going on under the hood ? You let the database Explain it’s Plan.

                  .Where(q => q.Difficulty >= 3).Explain();
//or if you went the other way 
var query = Query<Question>.GTE(q => q.Difficulty, 3);
var explainPlan = QuestionConnectionHandler.MongoCollection

Now, if only we could have some stats about our database and the indexes. All wrapped in a nice syntax.

    var stats = QuestionConnectionHandler.MongoCollection.GetStats();
    Console.WriteLine("Namespace : {0}", stats.Namespace);
    Console.WriteLine("DataSize : {0}", stats.DataSize);
    Console.WriteLine("Index Count : {0}", stats.IndexCount);
    var size = QuestionConnectionHandler.MongoCollection.GetTotalDataSize();
    Console.WriteLine("The total datasize for this collection is {0}", size);

A routine task is to get all the collections in a database and all the databases on the server itself. Easy peasy!!

    var collections = QuestionConnectionHandler.MongoCollection.Database.GetCollectionNames();
    Console.WriteLine("\nThe following collections are present in the database");
    var client = new MongoClient(@"mongodb://localhost");
    var server = client.GetServer();
    var databases = server.GetDatabaseNames().ToList();
    Console.WriteLine("\nAll the databases in the server");

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